Planning for Vacation

Planning for vacation – or failing to plan ahead?

The time to start planning for vacation is not the week or month before – it is when you make out your annual budget! If you and your family take a vacation each year, the first step should be to determine how much you will need and then divide it by 12. Start saving that amount each month. By the time your vacation arrives, you will have saved the money to enjoy it, without creating debt!

Is the thought of having money on hand when you are ready to take that vacation exciting to you? Then start today – it may be too late for this summer’s vacation but you can start saving for next year’s! Think of how stress-free your vacation will be when you have purchased tickets or hotels in advance and you still have the cash with you to pay for meals and souvenirs. Your vacation memories can be happy, even after you get home, since you won’t have to figure out how to pay for the vacation you just came home from.

Most people take some type of vacation in the summer. If you have money set aside, goes ahead and enjoy your planned vacation. If money is not abundant, there are plenty of things you can do around the area for little or no money. Check out your local paper for family fun things to do. You can pack a picnic lunch and enjoy one of the area parks or beaches. Picnics can be simple and don’t have to bust your whole week’s food budget. Take advantage of event coupons so you can enjoy yourself without needing a loan!

If you have children remember that they are learning from you. If you prepare for things like vacations, they learn that behavior and will know that a plan is important. If you don’t plan ahead, they will learn that play now and pay later is the way to do things. Do you want to be that kind of role model? What a wonderful lesson you can teach children – plan ahead! This works for vacations, car repairs, annual medical deductibles, etc.

Summer is a time to enjoy and recharge. Hope you have a carefree vacation!


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