Renters Insurance – Is it necessary?

Renters Insurance – Is it necessary?


Regardless of whether you rent or own, insurance protects you and your belongings.  Although your apartment owner is responsible for damage to the building, replacing your possessions is your responsibility.

In addition to your belongings, renters insurance can reduce or eliminate additional accident related costs.  If a guest is injured in your apartment and needs medical attention, you may be liable.  By going without insurance you are putting yourself at risk.  Ask your car insurance carrier for quotes on renters insurance.  It is not very expensive to get the coverage you need to protect yourself and your possessions.

Here are some things that renters insurance will protect your personal property against:

–Fire or lightning

–Windstorm or hail

–Smoke damage

–Glass breakage

–Vandalism & malicious mischief


–Weight of ice, snow or sleet

–Water damage due to rupture or overflow of household appliances or plumbing,

heating or cooling systems

–Freezing of plumbing

Your policy can also cover you:

–For costs associated with defending you in a lawsuit related to an injury or

property damage

–If you are held legally responsible for fire damage to your apartment, to the

building where you live, or vacation property you rent

–If your credit cards, ATM cards, or checks are stolen or used without your


Accidents happen – by having renters insurance you are protecting yourself and your possessions. You also have protection for anyone who is accidentally injured while in your home, or their property, if it is damaged by you, your children, or your pets.  Taking a couple of minutes to obtain a quote for Renter’s Insurance, and then purchasing a policy, may save you thousands of dollars for losses that are never planned for.


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